Here is document that gives an introduction to mycotoxins.

This document provides the teacher notes for this section. It includes a general outline, objectives and the correlating Science Standards.

The powerpoint introduces the biological aspect of mycotoxins.

Here is an assessment (with teacher's key) of the information from the powerpoint.

Here is a pdf document of an article titled "Liver Cancer and Aflatoxin" (you will need to scroll to the third article in the link).

You can also access the information with the following link.
Liver Cancer and Aflatoxin

Here is an in class group assignment to go with the "Liver Cancer and Aflatoxin" article.

This document is a homework assignment for the "Liver Cancer and Aflatoxin" article.

Here are the teacher keys for both assignments

An additional article on the outbreak in Kenya can be found in this pdf document or by following the link.

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